Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Priestess II

Ink and graphite, 9 x 12 on 111 lb, Canson drawing paper. This is the second in my Priestess series. The first was an ACEO ( trading card ) sized drawing. I decided to take this series to a larger scale. The figure drawing photo I used for a base sketch was provided by Live Model Books. A big thanks to the photographer, the website and to model Valentine for providing the pose.

I strayed just a bit from the model photo. Due to the texture I use in the body, I needed to move her arm just a bit, so that the staff would not interfere with the figure, and end up blending in too much.

Priestess II © Faeorain, 2009

1 comment:

  1. I really like these priestess drawings. When they're really small (like on the right as artwork for sale) they look like they're silhouetted and there's a really cool tension between the great internal detail and the white edges. Absolutely lovely.

    As far as references go, I always treat them merely as starting places. Good for basic composition and facial and muscle details, but I change their poses all the time according to what I need in my composition. The reference keeps the whole thing feeling real, though.