Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Giveaway Drawing: Twine Brown Jay Postcard

This is an original ink and watercolor postcard illustration. I drew him a little while back, but decided to take him out of my shop and offer him as a giveaway on my blog. If you would like to be the new owner of this little bird, all you have to do is a leave a comment here, and either an email address or some way I can find you to get your mailing info if you should win. The winner will be chosen by a random drawing at the end of this month, ( March 31st). And feel free to follow my blog for future updates on new artwork : )

UPDATE: Winner announced!

Ok everyone, I'm 2 days late on this, but I just did the drawing, using the random number generator at random.org, and the winner is......Focus_ret! Congratulations!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-04-02 23:07:02 UTC

1 Samantha
2 Haru-Dori
3 v_spitalermt
4 arttage
5 Donn
6 Andie - email entry
7 Focus_ret
8 Kim
9 maryvangils
10 Jonna
11 Susan Faye

thanks for participating! , Fae


  1. I love crows, really cool piece! Very pretty work, I love the dark mood.

  2. it's quite mysterious. :) also LOVE the tool song playing on your blog

  3. I think this is beautiful, your work is amazing!

    Love, Valerie


  4. Wowie Fae I don't even think I knew you had a blog, and it's awesome! You know I love blackbirds so enter me please! I have always been a fan of your work and a fan of you too! Wish we could keep in touch better sweetie, Sanna

  5. This is really great, Fae. This is really nice. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do an APC and put it up as well as add to the 1to1 ATC group.

  6. Lovely Jay, Fae. I think I've traded for another of your twine birds. That is such a neat effect!

  7. Well, I would love to be eligible for winning the crow piece. I also absolutely love your shadow warrior series!

  8. Crows are such amazing creatures, I love your artistic style and I would love to have this. =)
    my email is:

  9. FAe, would love this little drawing

  10. Just beautiful! I love birds and bird watching and would love to own this artwork...

  11. Uh - oh...I forgot to do the drawing...I'm going to get right on this!

  12. Congratulations to Focus_ret on winning the card! Thanks to all for playing!

  13. The beautiful card has arrived, and is safely in my clutches. I'm so LUCKY to have won this beauty. Thank you, thank you, Fae, for sharing your art with me.